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I am an LA based freelance animator passionately interested in the art of character animation, although I am practiced in web design and other forms of art as well. I studied various subjects at the University of Michigan including music and film, and I have recently graduated from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit with a BFA in Character Animation. I worked for about two years as lead animator for CADcorporation, a local company in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and I am currently freelancing in the area of Los Angeles, California.

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We made it!!
June 20, 2013
alt : http://www.halsteadart.com/uploads/vid/Matilda_standing_sm.mov
We reached our primary stretch goal for crowdfunding the game Beast's Fury: Over 20 grand to fund a playable PC Demo! Over the next few months we will be hard at work making animation and other assets to make this demo a reality. Above is the idle stance animation for the character Matilda. Below is the link to our IndieGoGo page that made this all possible.

Beast's Fury is going strong!
May 15, 2013
The game I'm animating for has reached its first goal on the IndieGoGo fundraiser! Let's keep the momentum going... if we can reach $20,000, we'll have enough to complete a playable PC demo. Help spread the word!

Original Ralph Bakshi sketches!
May 15, 2013

As thanks for contributing to legendary animator Ralph Bakshi's recent Kickstarter, Last Days of Coney Island, I received this complimentary original doodle with Bakshi's signature (first image) and a sticker with a Ralph Bakshi character (second image). Depending on your resolution, the images on your screen should be pretty much true to actual size.

Personally, I've always had mixed feelings about Bakshi's material, but I also always respected him for his originality, and his courage to do things outside the "norm" with animation entertainment. That's why I'm eager to see what he'll come up with next!
New Beast's Fury IndieGoGo
May 5, 2013
The game I've been animating for has a new IndieGoGo! You can check it out at this link:

And you can follow the updates for the game at the new website, here:

Funding would really help this get off the ground so if you like what you see, please consider donating to the crowdfunding campaign. Here's the video from the indiegogo:
11 Second Club Submitted!
May 1, 2013
alt : http://www.halsteadart.com/uploads/vid/halstead_11s_april13_small.mov
It's done!

Or at least as done as it's going to be. Last night I submitted the above video to April's 11 Second Club competition. Fingers crossed! Now to vote on all the other entries.

Before I add this to my 2013 reel I may add a few more inbetweens and color it.
11 Second Club in Progress
April 18, 2013
alt : http://www.halsteadart.com/uploads/vid/April2013_roughs.mov
Early this month, I decided to give April's 11 Second Club a shot. These were the character designs I settled on after a heartfelt period of scribbling, sketching, and studying Patrick Stewart's face. And the video is where I currently stand in my animation. I'm a little behind where I want to be, so it's time to pick up the pace!
Recent commission
April 18, 2013
Here's another commission I finished recently, which I got permission to post here. I'm proud of this one because it gave me a chance to combine some effects using Toon Boom. For example, the static texture on the scarf and other clothing (along the lines of Chowder or The Count of Monte Cristo), which can be accomplished in Toon Boom using a texture fill.

This was also the first time I've ever animated anything in an anime style. I want to continue to expand the variety of styles that I can draw.

Beasts Fury game: Work so far
March 19, 2013
Here's a test build with hitboxes for an indie game called Beast's Fury, which I've been working for on a freelance basis. I did all the animation here, and some which has not yet been added to the build.
It's my first foray into 2D fighting game animation, so a lot of things still need animation work and timing adjustments.

January 19, 2013
alt : http://www.halsteadart.com/uploads/vid/Claude_sm.mov
So it's past time for an update, though it's not for lack of animating. I've actually been hard at work for the past few months doing animated commissions over the internet. Turns out there's a bit of a market for things like animated icons and short videos of people's own personal characters.

One thing I've noticed many times over the course of my life is the sheer abundance of creativity that's out there, bottled up inside the minds of ordinary people, unseen by anyone else. Your random everyday janitor, engineer, or accountant could have entire worlds constructed in their heads, with ages of history containing countless stories of heroes and adventures. These online commissions I'm doing are something of an intermission in my career while I look for more studio work, but still I take pride in giving people a chance to see their characters come to life before their eyes. It means a lot to a creator to see their creation, even if it's just for a 2-second animated pose.

Here's just one recent example of this work. This character is not owned or copyrighted by me.
CTN-X is over!
November 19, 2012
Well, the CTN animation convention is done, and it was even more awesome than last year. I learned a great deal and have a new direction and enthusiasm for how to brand myself as an artist and animator.

Expect more updates soon.

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